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Volac expands with acquisition of Micron Bio-Systems

Leading dairy nutrition company Volac has announced its acquisition of Micron Bio-Systems, the UK based bio-science solutions business.  


Heat stress in dairy cows and yeast

Acidosis risk from increased temperatures and summer grazing: How live yeast can help. According to some sources we are at the start of a three month heatwave. This is good news for many but what about dairy cows?


MicroZyme Slurry Improver

Dr Hsueh lui Ho, Research Manager at Micron Bio-Systems, provides a summary into slurry management and treatment, in relation to ammonia emissions and valuable nutrient retention.  


Silage Season 2021 - Get More Milk from Forage

How do you get more milk from forage?  You make better quality silage.  

Read on to find out why Advance Grass can increase milk production from home grown forage.


Silage Season 2021 - All About the Bugs

When you make silage, bacteria ferment the forage, converting the sugars to lactic acid.  The acid rapidly drops the pH of the silage and preserves it for future use as a feed. However, not all lactic acid producing bacteria are equal in their ability.
Read on to find out more about the different lactic acid producing bacteria included in the Advance Grass silage inoculant.


Silage Season 2021 - Inoculant Enzymes

Why does Advance silage inoculant include enzymes? 

Read on to find out why they are important for feed digestibility, and why Advance silage inoculants are crop-specific.


Silage Season 2021 - What Lies Beneath?

Why it's important to take a closer look at the grass before mowing, looking for any slurry residue or mould, so that you can adjust your mowing plans accordingly.

Read on to find out what could be hiding in the bottom of the sward, threatening the quality of your silage.


Silage Season 2021 - Are you using a crop-specific inoculant?

Grass, wholecrop, legume and maize; clearly not all forages are the same. This is why the Advance range of inoculants from Micron Bio-Systems are crop-specific. 

Good silaging practices and preparation are of course key, ensuring the silage is harvested at the right time, with attention and care taken throughout the process from beginning to end, to reap rewards in the milk tank. Getting this right, however, is often a challenge! There are many things out of your control, not least the vagaries of the weather.  Here we think about what you can control, to help you get you more out of what you grow, by using crop-specific silage inoculants.  


Micron Appoints New Director

We have appointed David Turnbull as our new Commercial Director.  This is a new main Board position for Micron Bio-Systems Ltd.  David is a familiar face to many of our customers, having previously held the role of UK & Ireland Sales Manager for four years.

03/09/2020 – new web app launched today for dairy farms

This is a new online rapid mycotoxin risk assessment tool launched by Micron Bio-Systems Ltd.  MycocheckUp is a very handy question and answer assessment, to be used by farmers and farm advisors to provide a rapid indication of mycotoxin risk on a dairy farm.  By answering a few quick questions, farmers can learn about their risk of mycotoxins from their harvest, storage and feeding practises on their own farm.


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